The new RS485 / DMX Processor Board

The T4A RS485 / DMX processorboard is an Arduino software compatible board with an RS485 driver. It may be used to interface with DMX or other RS485 systems.  It is based on the Atmel ATmega328 processor and is pre-loaded with an arduino bootloader.

The board can send or receive DMX data, communicatie over USB, Wireless DMX or the expansion port (ATmega328 port C). This port may be used as 6 digital IO lines or 8 ADC inputs. (or any combination of these) Two of the 6 digital IO lines can be used with the TWI hardware (and software) which implement an I2C bus interface.

The board has two onboard power convertors, one for 5V and one for 3V3. It my be powerd from usb or external battery.

Possible use an interface convertor:

  • usb to DMX: control your DMX devices over usb
  • DMX to usb: receiver DMX data over usb
  • DMX to hardware interface: control hardware from DMX data
  • hardware interface to DMX: control DMX from analog or digital signals
  • usb to RF: use the board as an RF dongle
  • DMX to RF: send DMX data over RF
  • RF to DMX: control your DMX devices over RF

Possible other use:

  • rs485 communication device
  • RF dongle
  • arduino software compatible processor board with TWI an ADC


Options are:

  • USB interface
  • RF12b

The schematics and design files are freely available.

The Board is available from the store.